When a child is born to an unmarried man and woman, the father has no rights to custody or parenting time. To protect his right as a parent the unmarried father must file for legitimation with the courts. Once the court determines paternity, the court may issue an order regarding custody and visitation.

When an unmarried woman has a child and wishes to receive child support, she must file a motion to establish paternity before a court can award her child support. In turn, the unmarried father has a right to ask the court for DNA testing to determine the legitimacy of the child. In this case also, once the court determines paternity or not, the court may or may not issue an order regarding custody and visitation.

The Butterfield Law Firm is here to represent clients in all paternity proceedings, including motions for establishing paternity for fathers, motions for child support, child custody disputes and parenting time disputes for those who aren’t granted or denied time with their children. We are also here to help with assisting parents with motions to enforce a child support order, child custody or parenting time and motions for a modification of child support.

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